Accidently told a lifelong friend I liked her via text. Some other details, could she like me?

I am a sophomore in high school and there is a girl I have been friends with 1st grade, for years she liked me (7th, 8th, 9th, early 10th) and I didn't like her back for whatever reason then all of a sudden something happened and I started liking her in late September but I think I may've waited to long. In early October I was typing something so I could tell her I liked her the next Saturday night but I accidently sent it and she responded with "I don't know what to say". Now we stand/sit next to each other at all the basketball games and we text each other nearly every night but I feel like in the texting it's me chasing her. Another thing is her sister is dating my first cousin (who is like a brother to me, he spent a majority of his 5th-8th grade life living with us, and he comes over every day). At the last game one of her friends took a picture of standing next to each other drew a heart with mini hearts around us. I'd guess this was slightly making fun of us, but I guess I'm not sure. I have had sleepless nights over her and I just need to know if I should ask her. My birthday is in two days, and I get my license in 90 days after that and she already has hers. One final issue is this: I was talking to one of my sorta friends (male) one night and I had no idea about this but casually I asked him if he was dating anyone and he said yes, this girl, (referring to the on this post is about). But I asked this girls closest friends and they all said that as far as they know they aren't, one even said "There is absolutely no way those two are dating". I'm thankful for any help I can get at this point, thank you for reading and repsonding!


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  • I think you should talk to her personally about your feelings and ask her how she's feeling. Maybe she's secretly in a relationship with that dude that you mentioned, maybe he was just being a jerk and lying. But a really important part to relationships is the communication. Just talk to her about it.


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  • Dude you have to just talk to her in person about it and be honest and open with her, like "Look, uhm. There are some things I want to say to you, if that's okay." Then just speak your mind. It'll be really really nervewracking and you'll be like oh holy shit this is scary, but it's what needs to happen if you're going to know for sure. Tell her how you feel. Girls like that anyway, it shows a boy has confidence. Good luck.

    • I had worked up the 'balls' to do it until what happened with the other guy

    • No. Do it anyway. Screw that guy. And then if she says "I like you but I can't," just say that that sucks but you understand and don't hold it against her. She'll probably choose you in the long run, maybe.

  • Ask her out, the worst she can say is no.


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