What is okay in the early stages of dating?

I met someone really amazing and we went on some great dates and got close. But that same week I also had a date with someone else. I ended up hooking up with that other person but it was a one night stand. We were not technically in a relationship yet but I really like this person I saw first and I feel a little guilty for something else happening. Should I tell this other person? I’m starting to fall for him.


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  • It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong. There's no reason to tell him - at this stage you dont owe anyone anything

    • If things progress should I tell him? We’ve even discussed marriage down the road. It’s been an intense connection.

    • I'd say no.

    • I agree.. why do you need to tell him? Will it add any value to the situation?

      If i got you flowers and you were happy.. would it be necessary that someone gave me those flowers and i then gifted them to you?

      White lies are what keeps the world in order.


      no need to tell him unless he inquires.

      My 35 year old girlfriend is a virgin until she met me. This is the lie i choose to live by.

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  • Holding hands, kissing... whatever you feel comfortable doing. If you are starting to fall for him, tell him that


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  • well technically you guys are not in a relationship, you haven't told each you're dating exclusively have you?

  • Please don't listen to answers that recommend you to not tell him, the thing is that no one here knows exactly how the situation is in both sides, but something is for sure, as same as you have to take care of your feelings you should take care of the feelings of him in case that are depending in you and of course if those feelings weren't caused completely by himself, but something is for sure if things lend themselves and suddenly you're dating with both guys at the same time, it would be time to stop and make a decision.

    My personal recommendation is to give the opportunity one by one, I think that's the most healthy decision that you could take in order to avoid get hurt on any of both sides.


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