Does he like me?

We made out on new year’s eve in a hotel in the canary islands. We really connected when we talked and really clicked. He then took me to his room with some friends and we made out some more, we were still connecting a lot and kind of messing with each other in a cute way. When i left his room he told me that he’d see me tomorrow. However I didn’t see him around too much and when i did he was with his family and i was with mine. I had a couple of chances to make out with him some more when a friend of his ( who made out with my cousin) asked me if i wanted to call him so we could spend time together, but the night we hooked up we didn’t share numbers or instagrams. We were with our families all the time so each time we passed each other we barely looked at each other. I spent the last night alone with some other guy ONLY as friends and his brothers saw me but literally nothing happened other than talking about his crush. When we left, someone gave me his instagram and i followed him, but he didn’t follow me back even though we live in the same city. My cousin even wrote to him (even though i asked her not to say anything) and he didn’t reply. What should i do?


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  • I'm assuming you were on vacation in the Canary Islands and so was he? So the likelihood of the two of you getting together anytime in the near future is pretty low, right? If he follows you back on IG, then maybe you can strike something up but honestly this sounds like a vacation fling that should be remember as fun but with no plans for any future involvement.

    • the thing is we have A LOT of friends in common and are kind of in the same circle so i might come across him again. I know it sounds really weird but I don’t really plan to have any kind of couple relationship, i just want us to follow each other cause i’m genuinely interested in his life because we’ve known each other, and he doesn’t seem to really care (not that i want him to care, just enough to follow me back since we hooked up and even though nothing is going to happen we really connected on some kind of level)

  • He's not interested, move on and find someone else.


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