Does it sound as if this guy is playing with my feelings (Long story)?

I am talking to this guy I met from OKC for around 2 weeks. Before we met in person, we FaceTimed and spoke on the phone for hours. When we met in person, we went on a date to a fine dining location and we discussed prior to meeting up to possibly go play video games at his pad. I say pad because he is a truck driver that recently moved from another location and is still residing in the truck. The inside looks like a tiny room. After the date, we went to this truck and relaxed. He asked to kiss me.

We ended up making out and it got pretty hot (in my opinion at least). He is not a virgin and I still am. I am not necessarily saying that I am going to wait until marriage but I wanted to know worst case scenario if he would. And he said no because he believes a partner should have sex before marriage to confirm there is a legitimate intimacy connection.

He told his mom about me and I asked him when he was going to delete his OKC profile during the date because he seemed to like me. And we both deleted our profiles together.

We hung out the next day because it was New Year’s Eve. I asked 1st because I thought he would want to do something. If I was okay relaxing, he was okay with me coming over and playing video games again.

That turned into second base for me and he wanted to go down on me but I wasn’t ready. Anytime I said stop depending on my mood or feeling, he listens and we talk. He drove over an hr to see me for the first date and said he is willing to take 2 days off a week to spend time together. He also invited me to go on a cruise with him for his birthday because he has a time share.

He says he only believes in titles when it comes time to address a woman to other people. But he said he does consider me his girlfriend because he is only seeing me and we are intimate. But he said if the title is too soon for me, there is no rush. There is no rush for sex either. Am I being played? He says I have nothing to worry about but I don’t trust men 😶.
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What Guys Said 2

  • There's no sign of worry, he seems an​ honest guy, but i agree with you, dont trust him unless you are sure.. one way to test him is, avoid having sex with him untill you trust him, if he waits that means he is honest and if he start to get distant then he is a pervert.

  • Sounds like nothing to worry about, the intimacy confession thing does ring alarm bells but as a registered fuckboy there are no telltale signs he is messing with u

    • Wait are you calling yourself a fuck boy?😆

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    • I mean I would generally say no as it is kinda a long way to wait without doing anything but if he is ok with it I'm sure he's a keep

What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like he really likes you and is respecting your feelings and boundaries while also communicating what stuff is important to him (i. e. needing to have a sexual connection before marriage). Honestly he sounds like a pretty great guy.

    • You really see no red flags?

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    • It's really just insecurity within myself, I think. Like he's been great overall. Patient, communicative, straight forward. I'm just having an irrational worry that he's somehow playing me or isn't as interested in me as I am in him. There's really no evidence to support that worry though. Hence why it's irrational haha

    • Omg we could be twins 😆

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