We went on 3 dates on 3 consecutive days. Everything is great, he is a complete gentlemen. brought me flowers to ur first date, paid for everthing?

So this guy I met offline has been a complete gentlemen. He brought beautiful flowers that were purple (specifically my fav color) to the first date at a nice restaurant, THEN he took me to the movies on the 2nd date and was so sweet to me... he tried to give me a kiss goodnight before I drove off but I rejected it :( I just got nervous. The next day I invited him over for dinner and he came, we played cards and ate and talked... we ended up making out but no sex. Now I am really liking this guy and I love seeing him and we talk all the time. He mentioned wanting us to cook pasta at my place ( I live alone, he lives with family while he is finishing school, I'm 25 he is 29). Saturday night... is it bad that I would rather us still do dates out at places because we are still "dating"... Don't get me wrong, I would love for him to come over again, but I just don't want to get stagnant and I especially don't want things to get physical anytime soon. I feel as if he respects me and he wouldn't do anything to me that I wouldn't want ofcourse but still... How do you all feel about this? ... I would really like to be courted more instead of doing things at my apartment only... So if he wants to come over Saturday and make pasta and stay late that's fine and all but I really hope there are plans for Sunday since we are both free, that involves being out.


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  • Id say go out to a few places to try out different pastas. And make it a game where you guys make a list of which ones to recreate. I do this with most the restaurants we go to.
    there's nothing wrong about wanting more of a courtship. Some of us love the courting.
    Good luck.


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  • You can always feel free to mention that to him. It's possible that he might leave you though because he might think that you are not very interested in him.


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