Suggestions on how to get a girlfriend?

I am 22, in college, and have never been in a relationship. I'm moderately attractive (I look similar to Sam from Game of Thrones, but not as big body wise) and I'm pretty smart. I'm a nerd and a geek. I've only been on one date (set up, but didn't go well), and I've never noticed any girls showing interest in me. I do talk to lots of girls, but like I said they don't show interest. Do you have any suggestions on how I can find a girlfriend?


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  • Do you happen to appear as a know-it-all? Do you have a pleasant personality? A good sense of humor?

    • I've always been told I have a good personality and good sense of humor. I'm not arrogant about how smart I am, I usually don't talk about it (I was primarily giving it as background information).

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  • Be confident! I know it is cliche however it is true! If you don't respect and value yourself first how can anyone else? First start by being confident, that doesn't mean cocky! It means being genuine, vulnerable, secure in yourself for who you are! It is okay to be afraid, but it isn't okay to let your fear guide you. Stand up to fear! Now, you will still get rejected even though you are confident. That is a guarantee, everyone gets rejected! But if you keep trying someone will say yes! Don't take rejection to the bank, don't invest and dwell on it because it is worthless. Move on from it, and focus on moving forward if a girl says no.

    If you like a girl, ask her out. You could be friends first, that is a touchy area though. Or just if you don't know her, ask her out and see where it goes.

    Best of luck man, cheers!

    • Thanks. Sometimes I just get into my own head. There was one girl that I liked so much (and I liked our friendship) that I was afraid asking her out and getting rejected would affect our friendship. I never ended up asking her out (after a year and a half of wanting to). Now she moved away and I've regretted it ever since.

    • Hey bro I am exactly the same way! I waited longer than you did! Then I learned from that, that I should just have been genuine and told her how I felt! I liked her so much I was afraid of her saying no. I did regret that and still do for missing my chance to be with an awesome girl, however, I am glad I learned.

      We both failed man, lets try and make the best of the next opportunity!

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