He keeps staring why?

He's (my ex) constantly staring at me when he sees me and has started smiling when I see him looking. He also said hi when we ran into eachother outside at church. He said it wouldn't work between us and he wouldn't allow himself to have feelings again because of what i said about his moms clothes but he insulted my moms clothes first. So why does he constantly stare and smile? It' s been 3 months since he said that and no contact. He also fidgets, touches his face, hair and whatever he does (he's a deacon, he looks over to see if I'm watching). Is this friendly or more? I'm just surprised how can he look so much and hasn't made a move (been 3 months since what he said) DO you think he regrets saying that it wouldn't work between us? I was always the one chasing him lately (he chased me constantly initially) so I don't know if he think i'm gonna be the one to go back but not happening anymore. But how can he look so much and not make a move? Would he act like this if he ddint want me back? does he still think im gonna chase him?

He keeps staring why?
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