Have you ever been in a rebound? When did you realize you were in a rebound relationship?

If you have been in a rebound relationship, when did you recognize that was the case? What weren’t the signs? What did you do when you believe it wa Arne case?


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  • I was the rebound for a few guys.. i just rode it out and tried to help them heal..

    • How do you know you were the rebound? How soon did you recognize it? Why did you stay?

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    • You were patient because you cared for him? But it did not work out?

    • Im just patient with people who are dark. I have a thing for loving someone beause of thir flaws... the more fucked up he turned out to be it made me feel closer, im full of mistakes. Far from perfect i wanted someone to love me for all my fucked upness too. We are still together. Its been 5 years.. but its gotten rough this last year we even broke up for a couple months then got back together

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  • yes, going back with an ex in a rebound and got pregnant at 17. Rebound experience is not fun, take time to heal.

    • Rebound relationship with someone you previously dated after breaking up with someone else? What made it a rebound versus just the next relationship?

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    • Sound so like a tough situation - but a good thing in terms of avoiding a marriage with the weather wrong person. It takes a strong person to recognize that and then make the right choice, regardless of how tough doing so would be.

    • Yes, indeed. Thanks.

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