I’m starting to feel like my boyfriend doesn’t love or respect me. Do guys generally behave this way?

I’m struggling to come to terms with believing my boyfriend just isn’t that into me, like I thought.
I love him, he’s real good to me at times but not when I’m upset.
i come from a bad upbringing with lots of abuse, I’m starting to feel like it’s me that’s the problem my last relationship of 18 years I got disrespected and had to walk or I would have gone into a deep hole.
I think my boyfriend now is showing he doesn’t respect me.
when ever I am upset, he gets angry with me. So I now don’t want to tell him things till they build up to a point I need to talk.
When he sees that I’ve been crying, he tells me to clean my face up. This makes me feel like he doesn’t care.
When things are great they are amazing. He wants to be intimate with me all the time, and I am starting to feel hurt that he gets wha the wants and doesn’t support me when I need him.
he's always real nice to other people and real empathetic when they’re upset, so I’m feeling like he doesn’t care or love me, and strongly like he doesn’t respect me.
i want to hang on, but I’m starting to question if he will be caring and supportive, or will continue to ignore me and only want or show love when he gets sex... I feel I’m just sux at relationships.


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  • He does still care, you've probably just overloaded him with your problems. You have to remember all men are not very emotional at all. Give him space and a break from your problems then things will go back to normal.

    • I understand, but when I telling him what’s upset me he tells me if I don’t like it then f$&*% off, he admits he not a nice person to me and if I can’t handle it then move on. Then ignores me the rest of the day, it’s weird because I’m the one that’s upset.
      I guess I find it hard, because people I care about I want to make them feel better not worse but I always feel worse. When I cry because I end up being more upset he tells me wipe your tears. I don’t know I’m starting to feel more like shit then happy at the mo.

    • Sorry to hear but in my experience every guy has a threshold. Once you reach it he will feel like nothing he does will make you happy anymore, because you're always upset about something or he can never do anything right. You just need give him abit of space for a while or forgiving if he makes a mistake.

    • Thanks for your opinions been real good to hear your views.

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  • What are the things that make you feel upset? Have you ever thought of the possibility that you might be overreacting a little from time to time?

    • Yes good point, I feel i get upset about valid stuff but may be more sensitive about it when he responses with an attitude that if I don’t like it then F off.
      I’ve been upset when he’s been talking for long periods of time to a girl at his work and ignores my calls or meets me late when he’s talking to her and has been happening for over a year.
      Then the other day he told me I couldn’t go to a funeral because his ex wife would be there and he didn’t want to upset her with me being by his side.
      Then today he said he’s visiting his kids, later in the evening tells me he’s at his mates drinking and won’t be coming home, I since have noticed he took his toilet bag... so obviously premeditated before he went, but don’t tell me till this evening.
      I do feel valid in being annoyed over these situations, I try to talk to him but he doesn’t want to know & ignores me.
      I don’t know, maybe I expect too much but these things do upset me.

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  • At some point, a really caring person will fed up with the problems you have and some cases give up comforting you. Sounds to me he lost the patience with you and jumps to the point of what you should do to feel normal/happy again instead of holding your hand and guide you through the suffering

  • No matter how caring we are, we still have a breaking point. And if you are going to be so focused on being unhappy about the past, of course we'll eventually get pissed off, because sometimes it ends up feeling like it's an ongoing attention seeking thing. Try living for now, find what's going to make you happy now, otherwise you are going to let your past drag you down.

  • Honestly, a lot of girls say this, but the truth is that guys ussually aren't as emotional toward people as girls. Even though they may not show much affection, they still feel it.

  • im sorry you feel that way


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