How to tell if she really likes me, or just stringing me along?

Well there is this girl I like, but it just seems weird. I feel like she might be stringing me along, but I am not sure. She always compliments me, texts me sometimes, and so forth. In addition, there has been times where she has gotten jealous, due to me not contacting her in a while. There are a few times when we text, she would text right back. Then there are a few times when she wouldn't text me for hours. There have been a few times I was suspicious of something happening, especially when we spoke on the phone a couple times. I am just wondering if she is playing me or really likes me, so I have been pulling away. I just want to know some signs to see if she really likes me, or really is playing me.


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  • She might just be mirroring your texting behavior, if you want to talk, contact her


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