I don't know what happened?

This guy and I were talking a lot in person and we would always make really good eye contact (basically staring at each other while holding a conversation). I always caught him looking at me out of the corner of my eye anytime he saw me. I gave him my number and a couple days after that he gave me his and told me he kept forgetting to text me. I also asked him to hang out before I left for a couple of months he said yes. We never agreed on a date until the day he saw me and said I almost forgot we were supposed to go out today. I went along with it and went out he picked me up which he was very persistent on. Our date was full of talking and laughter. It was short as nothing was really planned. It was also 3 days before I left town. He hasn't messaged me at all but we were never big on texting. I go back soon and I don't know what to do or expect. Will he still be interested in me?


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  • If he kept forgetting to text you then im not too sure on if he was too too interested in you in the first place tbh. If im interested in a girl then she's on my mind everyday. Does he know when you're coming back?

    • He knows roughly when I will be back. I know he is in the middle of starting his own company on top of the job he already has if that has anything to do with my he didn't text.

    • In my opinion, make the first move. Just text saying like hey im back on this day or something itd be nice to catch up with you at some point and just see what he says. I feel like his reply will tell you if he's interested or not

What Girls Said 1

  • How'd you guys meet? Most guys that I've known hate texting! They try to avoid it as much as possible, so it's likely he is this way.

    • We met through my work

    • He knows he is going to have to see you again, so maybe he doesn't feel the need to start the relationship while you are away, getting to know each other through a phone.

    • I hope so although I did change jobs but our paths will cross a little.

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