Did I really push her away. Did I deserve to get my heart broken so bad from the person I truly love?

Its been almost a month since we broke up. She broke up with me supposely because I didn't give her attention and that I was pushing her away and because i was always checking on her but I had my reasons to be jealous and doubting about her because before we broke up she started talking to this guy that is in jail and would pay more attention to him then me when i go see her. and she would post pictures of him on her facebook. she never posted pictures of me in her facebook. Supposely it was her friend but when we broke up a few days later I found out that it was her new boyfriend and it hurt me because i really love her and i wanted to get her back but she had already move on in just in a few days. After that I started not talking as much she would still text me and let me sleep with her or have sex with her. After we broke she still acted like we were together and I ask her why and she got mad she said she was can leave alone , that night she call me after she got mad at me and invited me to her house for tacos and to drink but i had plans with my cousin so I told her that I was can hangout with my cousin that maybe some other time. I felt kind of bad but I couldn't ditch my cousin. When I was with my cousin I text her and then she said to go to her house to sleep but I couldn't and she said that this time I really push her away and started threating me that she's can get married with her new boyfriend that I was can regret it. I told her family first. The next day I check her facebook and it said that she was can be married soon but is too soon their barely dating and that broke my heart. The other day she ask me for a favor and I went to her house and she been acting heartless toward me and ask her why and she said because I push her way that she kept warning me but i didn't listen she doesn't love me or like me that she doesn't care for me or what I feel that she needs me for favors only. after that walked away and never contacted her again.
Did I really push her away. Did I deserve to get my heart broken so bad from the person I truly love?
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