Do you think maybe he's just scared and shy to say it? thanks guys!

soooo me and this guy have been dating for a little over 2 months now. every time we are together it is amazing. we never fight, we always have a good time, we have so much in common, and the sex is the best either of us have ever had. he's only been with 5 girls including me and I've only been with 2 guys including him.. when we were talking about things, he made the comment I enjoy everything about it when we make love.. and I was shocked when he said that.. I laughed & said I don't know if how we do it is making love, we pretty much get into it, I was thinking it was just good sex, and he said well I thought it got pretty passionate at times. men why would a guy say this? does it mean he cares a lot about me or is in love with me? I am confused & shocked.. never have a had a guy say that and its not like he's only telling me what he thinks I wanna hear so he can get some, because we have sex a lot, and I'm usually the one who sort of suggests it :) he's a shy guy. also when we had a little fight over him making closure with his ex girlfriend he told me she is nothing for you to worry about, she is my past and you are my present and my future. you're the only one I want because you rock my world. and when I asked him what that was supposed to mean like if it was something sexual and he said no I guess you could say you swept me off my feet. men what do you think? do you think this guy really cares about me? do you think he could be in love with me? every time I say I love you to him he kisses me and you can tell it makes him happy but he never says I love you too.. do you think maybe he's just scared and shy to say it? thanks guys!

he is 23 and I am 21... yet when we were fighting over those messages he sent to his girlfriend about "i miss your voice so much" and telling her to call him he said he just needed closure because she broke things off with him and he just wondered why and needed the closure he didn't get... while we're fighting and I basically kept asking him what I was to him that he meant for this to happen that he wanted me to fall for him he broke down when he thought I was going to leave him, he ask me if I was going to leave him before he showed me the messages (I made him show them to me). I think the only reason he showed them to me and told me about them is because he suspected I had already seen them... he was shaking and started crying.. he said I'm sorry I mislead u, and I ask if he cared about me and he kept mumbling because he was crying but he said something to the extent of caring a lot about me but not enough to plan a future... yet the other night when we were discussing things he told me she was nothing for me to worry about because she is his past and I am his present and future... he still talks about me traveling with him when he gets out of school and everything.. he says I rock his world and that I swept him off his feet... and all that talk about making love... guys I don't know what to think... does he truly


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  • I want to know why it matters. If you guys are hanging out and the sex is good, why do you need to know he loves you? Sounds like you want to get married to him, and you're worried that he's still into his ex. He very well may be. Who knows. You could be a rebound. But enjoy life each day at a time and have no regrets.

  • I thing he is still not finished with his ex, it's a bit difficult if he loved her. He obviously is not going to say that he still misses her etc etc because he will maybe lose you and will be alone. It's a pretty ugly situation and the sex thing, it's good , who doesn't love sex ? but relationships aren't based on sex(love and sex are different things). I thing you should give him a bit of a challenge by not having this frequent sex and maybe things start to change and let him comfortable to talk openly and on other hand you can openly talk to him how you thing of the situation.


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