Do I wait around or move on?

I have a crush on a good friend of mine. I told him and he said he didn’t feel the same way back but that things could maybe change in the future. I just felt like I shouldn’t wait around so I tried to move on. But as I did, the closer to me he tried to get and the more he tried to be around me. He told me I’m perfect and we have chemistry, he just doesn’t feel that way about me (what?).
I know most people would say to just move on, but something inside of me says that if I wait around he might come back, which I want. I want him and I think we would be so good together.
What should I do? (Please be gentle. If I should move on or stay, please give pointers on what to do in the comments).
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  • I Would like to give an opinion based off of experience.

    I had IMMENSE Anxiety, I fell in love with this girls looks back in Grade 10 and I ended up being good friends with her friends they said we would be really good together they tried getting us to talk but I never made my move for X reasons (Them being all in my head) In other words Anxiety can ruin great things you could accomplish.

    What i'm trying to say is that I live with that regret forever I will now never know if she could've been one of the greatest things or nothing at all. I would say never let someone over the internet tell you if you should let it be or keep trying if it means this much to you, because no one knows it like you do.

    Go with your gut instinct :)

    • anxiety has ruined a ton for me to. Go for it

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    • I’m already best friends with him. He knows I like him because I told him and he rejected me. When he rejected me he said we had chemistry and I was perfect, but he didn’t feel anything (literally makes no sense, I know). He said things COULD POSSIBLY change down the road. I don’t know if I want to wait for him to change his mind (hold out hope for him), if he ends up never changing his mind. So that’s why I’m asking whether I should wait around for him or not

    • can't you go in between? keep him in your back pocket but try to find someone else to talk to and possibly date for a while.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He isn't making much sense.. I know you really like him, but he's sending mixed signals. The fact he says you have chemistry but is also contradicting himself and saying he doesn't want you makes it sound like he just really wants you to continue thinking well of him. What I would do is tell him that it's okay if he doesn't like you back, and he doesn't have to feel bad. If he replies simply and continues on, it may be hard, but just stay close to him as a friend. Another thing that might happen is he might actually like you and not want to say anything (while that is less likely, sadly) but give you a heartfelt reply. Really, you might just have to ask him what HE feels. Do whatever you feel is right, but that's my suggestion.

    • That’s what I’m saying! He doesn’t make ANY sense. He told me he wanted to be just friends but everything else he says and does doesn’t follow suit with that. It’s so confusing. I keep thinking that because his messages are so mixed he might come around but I’m not sure whether to wait for that or not

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What Guys Said 3

  • Sounds like the guy just likes having someone around that he knows admires him.

  • Do it

  • so does this prove that guys and girls can't be "just friends"?

    • I think some can depending on the circumstance, but he and I have too much between us that it doesn’t make sense he would say all of that and then completely deny it all

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    • anyway, I've said my peace, all you're doing now is trolling, bye bye

    • I'm sorry you think I'm trolling. I'm just legitimately intrigued, and you're the first person I've "met" that feels so strongly opposed to what I find myself believing on this topic. I was just confused and excited, so I apologise if I came across as offensive in any way.
      I'm sorry for having wasted your time.

What Girls Said 2

  • If it was me, I’d tell the guy he needs to be clear on what he wants. I’d tell him to stop leading me on and either be interested in me or back the hell off and stop playing with my emotions.

    It’ll be better for you in the long run to cut him off before he hurts you further.

  • Move on. Time is precious to wait.


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