What's the deal with this guy?

What's the deal with this guy?
We've been friends for 4 months, strong connection, and we talked almost everyday. When I met him he says, lets be friends and see what happens. Well he is not giving me clear intentions, but calling me baby and saying stuff like I'm thinking of you, I want to hold you, and I want to kiss you. All those things are nice if we dating.. I wouldn't expect a friend to say this if we not dating. He told me a few times we would meet , but never said when. Its always been we are going to meet soon.. I'm not interested in meeting him now or holding my breath on it. Actually I pulled back from him, friend zone him because I was falling for him deep with no clear intentions from him, and told him we can't have sex. I'm in celibacy and holding back for the right man. Ignore him and move on?


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  • Ignore him and move on


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