Do you think my boyfriend means it when he said this?

Yesterday night me and my boyfriend was chilling with my best friend and her boyfriend
After a while, me and my boyfriend was kind arguing about something
So then my best friend took me away from my boyfriend for me to calm down
And then her boyfriend took him away from me for him to calm down
Her boyfriend and my boyfriend walked around somewhere and I just stayed at the same spot and my best friend tryna calm me down
Then the next day, my best friend asked if im okay and if me and my boyfriend was good now
Me and my boyfriend did sort things out
Then my best friend told me:
"You know that your boyfriend told my boyfriend that he really loves you so much"
I was surprised
Would a guy tell his girlfriend's best friend's boyfriend that he loves his gf?
We have been together for nearly 1 and a half years
Why would my boyfriend tell my friend's boyfriend this?
Do you think he means it? And not lying?
Do guys mean it when they tell their girlfriend's friend's boyfriend?
Yes he means it
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No he can be lying
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Do you think my boyfriend means it when he said this?
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