Many times the one to start texting her first, is this ok?

I matched with this girl on an online dating site. I have gone out with this girl a few times and we can have really long conversations in person. When we are away from each other I would initiate the first text to see what's up. Through text she always responds so enthusiastic and seems so happy to talk to me. Am I over stressing the fact that I am always the one to text first?


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  • I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes us girls don't like to initiate for many reasons: fear of rejection and not wanting to seem needy and clingy being a couple of them. It seems that she's interested in you and I would keep meeting up with her to make her more comfortable around you. I'm sure she'll open up!

    • That makes sense. Hopefully she does.

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  • No, after a while she comes across as selfish and uncaring.


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  • Hopefully as she gets more comfortable she will begin to text you first. But I think with her being enthusiastic it does show she is interested in you, so you shouldn’t worry as much.

  • I'm like the girl you mentioned. I respond to texts fast when i get then but I rarely initiate contact because I don't want to come across as annoying and clingy. I'm sure she appreciates you for texting her first. Please don't play mind games and wait for her to initiate contact first - she might think that you are losing interest in her.

    • When i get them*

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    • Or she may come across as uncaring if she never texts first.

    • @Meninist Its a fairly new relationship

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