Shit got weird?

im seeing this girl, right? we have a natural chemistry but we are some thing just short of being in a "relationship" she likes to tell me about the rough sex she has had and loves to take it rough (not my thing but i don't mind smacking the ass) she recently told me how she likes the "bar scene" when she gets picked up and fucked like she's not a person.

i like her but what in the hell is this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Oh dear... It's not clear if she's hinting to you that this is a fantasy of hers... or if she's trying to dissuade you from pursuing a relationship with her. Either way, this is just weird to me.

    • yea i think there are red flags for sure. it sucks because we get along so well me 24 her 26

    • Sorry 😕

What Guys Said 1

  • She is a hoe. Can't you tell?

    • it sucks man. i liked her

    • Sorry about that. It's your choice if want to keep her.

      Just keep in mind it's high risk dealing with a woman that lets strangers smash, she met at bar in just a couple to few hours of meeting them.

      That should tell you she lacks self control and she is easy to smash.

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