I have a boyfriend, am I still allowed to hang out with guys?

I know I am aloud to so I guess this is a rhetorical question. I just want peoples opinions. Is it okay for me to hang out with other guys? Example, go to the mall, out for lunch, movie nights..etc. I always feel bad hanging with guys, but I still want guy friends. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and we've been going out for two years. He gets jealous easily, so I sometimes feel bad about hanging with them. Where should I drawl the line with my guy friends as well? And does he have the right to be jealous. He says he trusts me, but not them.


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  • A relationship is built with trust and in all honesty regardless if he's the jealous type or not, you should not be losing friends (guys or girls) due to a relationship. Yes, he trusts you, but if he does, he will also trust you enough to tell him IF anything were to happen while you were out with your guy friends and he should trust you that you had not done anything wrong and it was simply the guy who was trying to get with you (if this were to ever happen.) You should talk to him about it and mention that. But also remind him about how you love him and care for him and would never hang around with a guy who would simply try to have sex with you. I would also like to add you shouldn't feel guilty about hanging out with your guy friends. I'm unsure if it's you're boyfriend that makes you feel guilty or if its just you empathizing with how you're boyfriend is feeling. (I truly hope its the second one, otherwise you really should consider discussing that with him as well.)

    As for your guy friends, you should draw the line when any of their actions make you feel uncomfortable (I'm personally fine with playful flirting with my guy friends if I'm in a relationship, but that's only because I know where me and my guy friends stand and that there is no romantic feelings involved, however I also knew my boyfriend at the time would be fine with that since he knows I'm just naturally like that with everyone. So again your boyfriend needs to trust you and trust how you would react to a situation when a guy would be trying to get with you while you're hanging out.)

    Best of luck.

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