How will you know if the guy online is serious with the relationship?

Look, I'm in a relationship right now with a 25 year old guy from India and I'm from Philippines. We've never meet before. I've known him for 3 months and things are doing wayyy better than my past relationships. this is the first time that I'm in a relationship through online. He is very persistent to meet me on March but I'm kinda busy so I told him if its okay to schedule some other time. He is a Christian... same as me. We pursue our goals and dreams and making God the center of our relationship... so... so far I think he is serious but I want to ask for some advice specially to the male gender. thank you for reading and pls send me a comment. thanks


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  • Hello Ate. Ang cute naman! Tama naman yung decision mo po about meeting a stranger, hindi naman talaga sya stranger pero syempre diba? Haha. Pero kung gusto mo din si Kuya edi go lang. 😊💕


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  • Well you will know if he is serious if he wants to meet you in person for starters. And... He does... but you won't because you are too busy? Sounds like a penpal, not a relationship.

    • I can't I have my tradition and cultures to stand up to. but I will in time.

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    • Wow, a year and a half is a long time to not meet someone in person. To be honest, I would be surprised if it lasted that long, but best of luck to you.

    • well... let's just see.. :)

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  • It sounds serious to me.

    • really? I guess you're right

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