What is my ex doing?

Long story short, we have been broke up for about a month. Haven’t spoken in about a week, our last conversation was horrid. She said some really mean things to me and I asked her to please just drop all of it and I can’t take it anymore. The weekend following that conversation I saw her at a party, I went up to acknowledge her and she looked at me like she saw a ghost and just kept walking, so I turned and let her go so I did not bug her. I work at a gym, and while we were dating I put her on my pass so she can come for free, she didn’t use it a ton. And everyday this work, she has been there when I work out. I workout everyday at the same time and she knows that, I have purposely not gone up to her let alone look at her. I know she’s eye balling me the whole time, she’s even come wearing some of the things I got her for Christmas. She made it clear to me she was done with me the last time we spoke, and I felt really disrespected by her and don’t even wanna try talking. How can she even have the audacity to keep using my gym pass I gave her, let alone COME THE SAME TIME AS ME. She could go to other locations or something and she doesn’t. What the heck do I do. Why is she doing this, is she trying to just play kind games to get me to reach out or something? Does she just wanna eff with my head. I hate it, it feels so immature. I am having a hard time staying strong and not texting her or confronting her cause I know that’s what she wants.


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  • She is playing games. She is trying to make you chase her

    • I’m not in a place yet or wanting her back. What do I do? Just ride things out and not contact her. And if I see her don’t go up to talk to her. Just be polite if we make eye contact and maybe nod or something. If I broke up with someone and it ended bad like ours did. I would not show my face at her work let alone go when I know she’s working out. How do I act if I continue to see her?

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