I found out that my girlfriend has been inviting my boyfriend over for sleepovers?

According to her, she wasn't cheating. She kept this a secret from me for almost a year until one of my friends finally told me about this. She told me they didn't do anything and she invited him over because he needed comfort from a friend. He told her to keep it a secret and she did. They both knew how I would feel about that. She thinks because he's a guy I'm assuming they did things, but I mean she hid that he slept over for the longest time. They were both people I trusted with all my heart. Even if she didn't I still don't consider that any less hurtful. I don't feel there was even a need for him to sleepover. If he really needed a friend I was literally down the street from his house instead he took a 40 minute train ride to my girlfriend's. They didn't even know about each other's existence until I started dating her.


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  • Sorry, bro but odds are that they are fucking each other behind your back


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  • Yeah yeah he needed comfort.
    In her bed.
    Dont be dumb and believe that bitch she's cheatin on u.

  • One of the real indicators of healthy relationship is being open and honest. Take a cue..


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