I don’t know what to do anymore. Nothing I do matter to her and I love her so much. Can I please just have someone to talk to?

I’ve been really bothered by something for the past week and I haven’t really had to time to talk about it with my girlfriend of 4 months who I guess “love”. I’ve been telling her something bad has been bothering me but she just will say something like “oh” or some shit. It makes me feel terrible. She ignores it and never brings it back up to ask about it. I bought it up earlier and was talking to her about it and she didn’t say anything. I was on the phone with her and after I said everything I said “... hello?”. No response. I said it again, she said “What?” in a rude tone. I said did you hear me and she said yea I was listening. And so I started talking about something else that’s been bothering me and I tied it back into the first things I said and I said “well what did you think about the first things I told you bothered me?”. She said “what are you talking about?” I said “The first things I said, about the things that really got to me.” She said nothing but said something irrelevant about our anniversary today and said “it’s funny how you can be with someone for 4 months and hey still don’t know what’s truly going on.” (She said this in a bitchy tone) I said “well you can’t tell me that like it’s my fault and because it’s your choice if you want to tell me or not so don’t get mad at me for not being able to read your mind.” (I said this in a soft tone) Then after that she started talking about it but then stopped, and was like “well you don’t even understand so why am I telling you.” I would understand if she could just tell me, I’m not mean and I’m very understanding. People even come to me sometimes just to talk. I jus don’t know what to do anymore, anytime I try and talk about me; she ignores it, forgets about it, starts talking about herself. I can never talk about me and how I feel. It’s always her her her her. Please someone help me.. I can’t leave this girl. She’s the hottest girl in school. I juts need someone to talk to. Is it me, or her? 😭


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  • who cares how hot she is if she's a bitch and I don't know what the problem is but it sounds like a one sided relationship her way thats bad so dump her

    • Is it really that big of an issue to break up with her over? I mean I really like her a lot and I’ve got really close to her mom and her 7 year old cousin.. I hate to leave her. She’s on her period so I try to be a bit more lenient and let things slide more, but damn. 😕

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    • I just don’t know what to do. I’m tired of her ignoring how I feel, and it’s like I’m being treated like I don’t matter. Is this my fault, or hers? Am I being too pushy or something. What have I done wrong?

    • both people's feelings should be listned to thats how a relationship evolves u say something thats wrong and work on it together so if u dont want to write the problem in public ill pm u but i really need to know what it is to help other wise break up

  • youtube " Coach corey wayne" and you will have every single answer my friend

    had girls cheat on me and break up

    now relationships are so easy no scam or bullshit program just a guy who wrote a book and it changed my life


    keep doing the same thing and you will always get the same result

    time for change!


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