He fell asleep in the middle of an argument?

We were having a pretty heated argument. He was going to let me go, after he said " we can't talk anymore something came up" and I said "I understand I guess" he left me on read. I finally messaged him saying what went wrong he said he wasn't interested in talking to me anymore because I didn't really like him and that I was only looking for compliments. He said that I take forever to reply to his messages and laugh when he gives me compliments. He told me I made him feel like a loser. This argument was sparked after I posted a picture on my story about a guy friend and our text convo. He said he had a gut feeling about me. I said I felt like he didn't care and that I was upset that he didn't belive my intentions with him were honest. He asked me if I wanted to say goodbye and I asked him if he did and he said " no but it sounds like you do" and he then asked " how do we fix this" I said I don't know and that I was hurt and offended that he didn't trust me or think that I actually like him. He said " that's why I said how do we fix this" I responded by saying " you tell me" And he stopped replying and I think it's because he fell asleep. He always falls asleep at this time. This is one of the biggest arguments we've had and he fell asleep halfway through the conversation.


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  • Guys generally don't like things like that. He probably seen the snap and got a bit jealous and reacted. Of course trust goes a long way but jealousy is a gut feeling that has to be met half way. If he feels that way then just don't start posting things about other guys... Then he can't react.

  • well you guys are going in circles... so it's just mentally draining and not going anywhere... just let it go for now and I think that's what he did lol

    you have to acknowledge what he is saying... and same for him to you

  • are you sure your age is correct? sounds like an argument two 14 year olds would have.

    anyway, what is your question?


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