Should I go for it? Does she like me?

So there's this girl at my college who I've known for a month and recently I've noticed that she might have feelings for me, but I'm not really sure. I'll just point out that I've never dated before, never really had a girl interested in me & I've never perceived myself as attractive before. I'm quite a shy and nerdy person so I don't really know how to approach relationships. Hopefully you guys and gals can help though.

Okay so firstly she is always excited to me, going so far to say 'Omg he's here' in front of the whole class. A bit embarrassing but cute. She will also always make sure to sit close to me, mostly to distract me. Once she wrote ' I love (her name)' on my paper in big red letters, probably expecting me to write on hers but I never did.

If I'm not in lectures she'll always be the first to ask where I am and in fact, yesterday when I posted on social media I'd got back from holiday she DM'd me saying she really missed me even though I was only gone for two weeks.

Secondly, she seems to talk about me a lot to our friendship group as she was asking about where I from to her friends as she couldn't figure out my accent. When I asked her about why she had so many questions she said 'I'm just a bit obsessed with you' and giggled. I then started to tell her more about me & when I brought up my best friend she got offended, assuming that she was my bestie.

Then a few days later I'm saying to my group how I don't have any housemates for next term and she jumps up and jokingly says I could live at her house next year.

We didn't really chat much over Christmas but at 12 on New Years Day she wishes me happy new year with a series of love hearts. I then replied with a cute selfie which she screenshotted over Snapchat. But again I was too chicken to pursue anything as I don't want to fuck everything up. We only really talk about work and family as I'm too scared to flirt with her and we've never hung out outside of class.

But anyway what do you guys think?
Should I go for it? Does she like me?
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