Why is he suddenly being cold to me and avoiding me?

So we went to our first date everything went well then the second date and finally third date, our third date was a step more (we kissed and held hands) so everything was good then suddenly when i arrived home he was giving me coldanswers on the text, next day he texted me at 9pm and i was like 'ohh you're alive' then he said 'sorry i'm not in the mood for texting' i said oke no prob, next day he didn't text me at all so i texted him and asked are you now in the mood to text? 😂 he said ' i don't know it's just a weird feeling..' then i told him that if he doesn't want to talk anymore he should say it to me so i won't text him anymore and put an end to everything, he was like no i want to talk but it's not that kind of feeling it's not about you, i said ' what then what is happening?' he was like i don't know i'm just not a texter you know that.. but in the beginning he texted me a lot so its weird he's behaving like this, i told him that i'll leave him alone and let him see about this texting thing. What is happening? why is he being so cold to me?
Why is he suddenly being cold to me and avoiding me?
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