I feel insecure because of my boyfriend's ex girlfriend?

My bf's ex girlfriend is extremly good looking, god she looks better than most models, she is a gorgeous 10/10 if not higher. She has a perfect body, face, breast and ass.
We go to the same college and we ae in ghe same swimming club. I just can't stop looking at her, when she undresses can see her body and god its perfect, her breast especially, i feel so jealous, they are bigger than myüine, not much but bigger and they are in perfect shap, all natural.

She knows i am dating her ex and she is incredibly nice to me and to everyone, after knowing her for 1 year now i can say that her personality is beautiful too.

My boyfriend didn't broke up with her, no she left him. But not because she lost feelings or whatever but because she moved away with her parents and thought she wouldn't come back and she wanted my boyfriend to find some love here. But her father lost his job there and got his old job back and so she moved back.
So it wasn't a bad break up but a breakup with still loving each other.

The worst part for me is, they both lost their virginity together. And this girl, who is 21 (i am 20 and my boyfriend is 22) had only my boyfriend in her life. On a drunken night she told in a game of truth or dare that she only had one guy in her life, even only 1 guy kissed, which was my boyfriend.
I lost my virginity to some old high school classmate and had sex with 6 other guys till i met my boyfriend.

This girls is better in everything than me.
I dont know how i could ever measure up to her.

She and my boyfriend have the same interest and same character.
And she is still in love with him but won't make a move on him while he is together with someone else.

She is perfect for him. I am afraid my boyfriend might still love her even though he didn't do anything to make me think this.
But what if?

I am so insecure.
How can i stop be jealous, insecure?
How can i measure up to her?
I feel insecure because of my boyfriend's ex girlfriend?
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