Has this guy caught feelings?

So I met a guy in work and we slept together 5 times. He then told me that he has a girlfriend in his own country and I wasn't very happy that he wasn't honest with me. He kept saying not to fall in love with him because of his girlfriend back home. I was so mad that he lied to me. But his behaviour is weird for someone that just wanted to have sex with me. He told me that he feels relaxed around me and told me that he missed me and start asking me how much I missed him. He also keeps asking me if I'm with any other boys and every time I go out he asks who I was with and who's picking me up from work everyday.

I was also dancing with a guy in the club and he start asking me was the guy touching my ass & he told me if other guys text me tell them to f*** off. He also told me if he wasn't with his girlfriend he would be with me. He keeps telling me that I'm beautiful and called me his "little flower and he kisses my forhead too. He said that he only cheated with me because i was special. He sends me hearts too. He also asks me if im sleeping with anyone and when i ask him why he's asking he says "i just dont want you to miss out on fun" which is a stupid excuse. But then he keeps saying that he loves his girlfriend but he moans about her a lot. I just got a boyfriend and i told him & he start saying that he was happy for me & he start asking the guys name too. Then another time i told him that i was sleeping with someone to get rid of him and he start shaking his head up and down while smiling and he was staring into space too. What's his deal? I'm confused and I don't know if he has feelings or not for me? I'm not interested.


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  • "If anybody touch you - tell them to f.. ck off" - so romantic! You should fall for the guy. Another thing is "I cannot leave my girlfriend to be with you but I'd be with you if I wouldn't be with her". - You must want to make babies from the dude.

    Yes, the guy has got the most romantic feelings ever. I can describe them with that pic:

    So the recipe is: block the bastard everywhere and forget as a bad dream...


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  • He is a cheater and cheaters cheat on everyone no matter what they can’t love they can’t be loyal if they get with you then they’ll just cheat on you don’t get with him he wants your pussy to be only his

  • He wants just sex but he wants to be possesive and uou only be wiyh him.

  • It's his reaction to ldr

    Stay away from him, cuz this will be lethal to you

    • What you mean

    • Basically why is he behaving bcz he is missing her

      So those things he wants to do with her but cannot do bcz she is away from him

  • Ask him.


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