Was I in the wrong too?

This boy I was taking we got on well as we kept on texting each other and flirted. He admitted he liked me and wants me. He wanted me to meet him (I think he was afraid to invite me to his house) so he eventually invited me to his house, I didn't agree yet I said I'll see. I then told him I can come on Monday. So it was Monday and he kept on spamming me saying 'hi. Where are you.' I then lied and said I'm at uni I can't come today. He seemed annoyed about that. After that he just told me to come see him and I said "when and he was like "whenever." I still didn't go his house then he got annoyed and Said he needed to see me (don't know if he meant it sexually) he then blocked me on insta suddenly so I texted him saying why he blocked me and he said that I fucked up, and blocked my number too. Do u guys think I was in the wrong still for leading him on? I was gonna go his house but just busy with uni and he had a big of anger issue too. I did like him though.
Was I in the wrong too?
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