How do I get him to talk to me after calling him a cheater?

I had seen messages on my bfs friend to another girl about hooking up so I finally said something and he denies it all and I trust him said they're just friends. He got so mad at me for even thinking he would do something like that that he said he wasn't going to forgive me because really hurt him and that I'm pushing the problems I had with my ex on him. How do I apologize and get him to accept it.


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  • NEVER CHASE A GUY! They will walk all over you! I know what it's like sitting at home wondering where they are, why aren't they calling or texting! Simply he should just take it as that you love him and you never want to lose him. If he is taking offense quick he usually is hiding something! anyways don't appologize for something like this.. you caught him about hooking up did you not? yeah I always told my husband me and this guy Chad are just friends texting, well one dirty message changed all that.. I ended up cheating that night and I felt so horrable I left my husband of 3 years. If he truly cared about you, you would be the only girl in his world! He wouldn't need friends that are just girls, especially not texting friends.. If I have a guy friend its usually a hi what's up? OK gotta get going type.. not a text all day type. those type are guys that I like.. When you chase a guy telling him your sorry, he knows exactly how to make you do what he wants you to.. he will come back if it truly hurt him he must care about you right? so if he cares he will be back!

    • This is awful advice.

      If you're ever looking to keep a good guy, holding yourself as a "do no wrong" girl is the worst way to do it. You are human. You err. The fact that you own up to a mistake doesn't mean that he's going to use it to manipulate you and dump you. QA's man is suspicious, but if a girlfriend accused me of cheating, I'd be beyond hurt. I wouldn't be offended because I'm hiding something- I'd be offended because you have that little trust in me. How are we supposed to get

    • Along when you don't even believe I can be faithful? And then to assume on top of that that I'm just trying to manipulate you with it? If you can't believe a word I say, call me out on something I didn't do, and then blame me because I'm male, you aren't even CLOSE to good girlfriend material.

      Female friends- yeah, he probably has them. If you can't accept that he has them, then you're overly possessive, clingy, and paranoid. You may be the only woman I love, but not the only one I speak to.

    • Well she states that she caught him.. so what put up with the cheating?

  • First of all, do you truly 100% believe that he didn't cheat? I mean, when caught, a lot of guys aren't going to be like "yes you caught me." if they think they can get away with it, they'll lie and make it seem like you're in the wrong. But of course mistakes happen and people do falsely accuse due to miscommunication. IF you do believe that you just made a mistake then explain what had happened and be honest. If he doesn't listen to you then he's not worth it because mistakes do happen.