What's the best date you've ever been on?

Describe the best date you've ever had!


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  • The second date with my current boyfriend. On our first date I learned that he used to play hockey. For our second date I got us ice hockey tickets to a home game for the minor league hockey team in our city. He was really surprised and excited, and so was I. The game itself was absolutely horrendous. The hockey team SUCKED! But what made the date so amazing was that we made fun of the hockey team the entire time. And we got to know each other really well and realized that we clicked on such a deep and profound level. We laughed. We made fun of the game. We quizzed each other on certain aspects of our lives. We made fun of the horrendous slap shot made by a forward.

    By the end of the date I realized I had never been more comfortable with any man before. We held hands all the way to the car and I couldn't stop smiling. We shared our first kiss, and since the date was so great the kiss was great. It was one of those kisses that leave you breathless and your lips tingling.

    • I like this one. It shows you don't have to have some extravagant date to have a good time. Just you and your boyfriend hanging out with each other.

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  • Well there was this one time...nope that was a dream. FML lol

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