When do you call each other girlfriend/boyfriend?

i met a guy while out and about...we made out and soon after, he asked me to be his gf..

i think this is weird, cos I would expect on going on a few dates first at least...

does ANYONE else do this?


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  • This all happened in one day? If so, that's very unusual. You're still virtually strangers.

    People DO usually go on several dates first before committing to each other. It takes time for comfort and trust to develop between normal people. With this guy, it might be a huge warning sign that he rushes into things without evaluating them, doesn't understand the meaning of a relationship, thinks you're dumb enough to be led along, or is mentally unstable. On the other hand, he might be a good guy who instantly liked you and figured he'd take an interesting chance. If I were you though, I'd bet on proceeding with caution. Best of luck.


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  • He ASKED you to be his GF? Are you dating a 16-year-old? Grown-ups don't ASK someone to "be my girlfriend."

    I called my wife my girlfriend after our second date when we had sex.

    Usually, calling someone your boyfriend or girlfriend happens naturally after you realize you don't want to date others - or after you have a conversation about exclusivity. "Will you be my girlfriend" just seems weird. Did he ask you to wear his class ring, too?

    • He's 30 years old....that makes it even more weirder

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  • Lol, a guy has never asked me to be his girlfriend straight out. Usually over a few dates, we just naturally refer to each other as boyfriend or gf.

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