What can I do to make this girl despise me less and give me another chance to start a relationship?

So I like this girl, let's call her A. So since mid 3007 I've started to like A a lot and a former friend, now complete jerk who I shall call M wanted to know who I like, so I told him and he said he would help me. Being a silly, young me at the time, I agreed to wear super long and droopy pants and wear DCs and look "gangsta" which I absolutely am repulsed of right now and which was the thing he wanted to mold me into to impress A. Well, my transformation from being the nerd who wears shorts and messy shirts and has a bowl cut was still underway when M went and told A that I liked her in the hangout where all of her friends were. I saw her run miles away and I already knew she disliked me by a degree before that because she seems annoyed when we had to talk in class, and I once called her a bitch when I didn't really know much about her yet (I did many other strange and random things at that time too which probably left a bad first impression). I then was able to get her yahoo and at first, I tried to chat with her about a story I heard about her owning some alligators once, to which she sounded uneasy but confirmed and I then told her about how I had some pet scorpions and the conversation ended.

I still like her now and between that time and now, I've communicated to her less than 5 times, once was when she was hinting me to get interested in someone else and why I liked her anyway, so my silly little brain who was nervous and panicking at time just blurted out "ur pretty" and after that, she was permanently offline to me.

Well, it's year 10 now, I now have super long hair and into metal and rock, I hate M for bullying and blackmailing me and I now share a few classes with A. I try to talk to her more often now, but her answers are always short and are often gestures. I am not TOO much of the retard I used to be in front of her friends now, but I still want to get to the point where she will come and talk to me normally rather than me finding her when she's alone so I can pop a question about her homework grade for art to which she will just shake her head like she did last week, then eventually building a relationship and hopefully getting her to feel the same about me. Please, I need advice on how to achieve my goal (also things to say/ask) and point out my mistakes. Also, I have a plan for valentine's day where I will draw her a blue ( her fave Color) rose( I get good grades in art class and I draw quite a bit), but my original plan to slip it under her locker door has been ruined by the installation of cameras designed to catch locker thieves. I'd like to know if this plan might only freak her out and I also ways to deliver it to her when she's alone and through myself. Thanks a lot if anyone can help me and I will mean this from the pits of my heart.


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  • honestly I think you're right. you did leave a bad impression on her and well many girls hold onto hurtful things that guys say to us. You need to approach her in a non confrontational way when she's not busy and ask to speak to her. Tell her that you just want to apologize for how you treated her in the past and what you went through in the whole transition from nerd to gangsta.. then tell her how you want to be able to talk to her and hopefully you can measure up to what she would consider friend worthy. just be honest and tell her that you're not the pretend guy you tried to be. hopefully she can look past what happened and accept to get to know each other. if she chooses not to then you really do just have to move on and just forget her. don't treat her mean just move on.


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  • If she doesn't want to grow up and leave the past in the past, then you should and move on. There isn't only one girl on the planet my dear.


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