What is he expecting?

OK I went out clubbing with my friends on Saturday and this nice looking guy asked me to dance with him... we danced all night and by the end of it we ended up kissing... when the night was over he invited me to his friend's house to keep the party going to which I said I couldn't...we exchanged numbers and he called on Sunday inviting me to the beach but I was working and couldn't make it.

He texted me asking when he will get to see me again but the deal is I was wasted and it normally takes me some time to kiss a guy... will he be expecting me to kiss him again? yet, will he be expecting something more?

I do not want to be a tease but at the same don't know how it will be. These days its so hard to tell weather a guy is into you or just wants to get in your pants...


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  • Then you shouldn't drink so much.


    It's very very likely he expects to make out with you. At the very least. So just actually TALK to him and make it clear you were stupid drunk and doing what stupid drunk people do- actions they later regret and that he shouldn't expect you to be falling all over him if you guys meet up again.

    If he's cool with that, then relax and enjoy meeting him without the booze goggles on.

  • Because you guys already made out, he will want at least a kiss. If you don't feel right doing that, then just talk to him about it and tell him the truth. If he's a nice guy he'll understand. And then you two can go on a real date and stuff.

    So just be honest.

    But then if he tries to get you drunk again, leave. lol. Because then you'll know he wants to just get in your pants.

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