Is going for coffee a date?

Is going for coffee a date just want to know opinions, why is it not a date, why it could be a date, any answer is welcomed.


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  • Great, GREAT question. You should get extra points just for asking it.

    Complicated of course. Generally, if we're talking about the United States, I would say no, it's not considered a date. On the other hand, a jealous spouse or sig. other WOULD call it a date, wouldn't they?

    Depends on your ethnicity as well. A lot of Asians WOULD call it a date, I think, correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not Asian except for a little native American!.

    Like a lot of people if I want to talk to a woman and I don't want her to think of it as a date I'll use the phrase 'let's go for coffee" even if we both know we're going to a restaurant or cafe where we'll probably have something substantial to definitely has a coded meaning in that context that is widely understood in the mainstream Anglo culture to mean precisely that:

    we're going out together but it's NOT A DATE meaning nothing romantic is planned.



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  • Sure.

    It could be a 'I wanna get to know you better' type of date

    just to break the ice, talk, etc.

    it all depends on how you want it to be.

    • Could you elaborate, I hadn't seen this girl in 3 years, but she gave me all the "signs" she is interested, but I don't know if the interest was me or the conversation

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    • Well we don't work together anymore, so I can't flirt with her there. We worked together 3 years ago for few months, but she remembered me so I guess that's a good thing right, you don't remember someone you only knew for a few months three years later unless there was something that made you remember them.

    • Thats true

      if you have her number,

      try calling her to see if she would like to get together some time

      if she makes an excuse

      then just move on

  • I consider Coffee as a mini date lol. like a kind of event that leads to finding out if you to are compatible to go on an actual date! lol Just what I think! =)


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  • To me, everything is a date and its just a matter of what you do.

  • If you paid for her coffee, them it's a date

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