I got angry with a guy I've been dating for 5 months and he hasn't called in 2 weeks?

I asked him a few questions about why we didn't end up hooking up or going out. Then he responded with you need to stop asking me all these questions and just be down for me. I was shocked and went off then told him I was getting off the phone and he replied nervously " OK baby I'm going to call you later have a nice night." Then I texted him and told him that I won't ask him any more questions, and that we live two different lifestyles and I'm going to pull away because I like him too much and I'm looking from a little more that what he's giving and God Bless.. He has not called or said any thing to me in two weeks. I also received a weird call last night where the person was just breathing. What should I do?


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  • It sounds like he might have liked you, but not enough, and didn't want to argue. Even if he does like you more, you told him you were done with him for a practical reason. He could be honoring that.

    • Thats true I mean to be honest I knew from the statement he made that he probably is used to controlling the women he dates and having things be on his terms only.. So I sent him the text message to see if may be he would eventually call but now I guess I got my answer he doesn't miss me or like me enough to talk to me

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