What's the worst way you've managed to mess things up with someone and then still managed to recover from in their eyes?

True stories only please.


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  • Trust me or not, I'd personally probably not, but I somehow managed to recover from giving someone, who'd later on end up being my boyfriend for a while, surprise buttsex.
    He knew I'm gay and he said he was straight.
    We were fooling around about matters related to that and a couple of beers later it escalated to I giving him a blowjob (I'm cutting this very, very brief as you an see). I joked that he should, now that his pants are down, just get on all fours and let me get rewarded for it. He did. He teased me that I would not go through with it (he was pretty drunk), so I undid my trousers, lubed my penis with spit and lined myself up. You should have heard his voice when I pushed into him. Just glorious. Long story short, I pulled out after penetrating half way, a few days later he contacted me, we met to talk about this and a week later we met and made out, with the help of three beer on his part.

    I know it sounds far flung, but I swear it's true.


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