Why is my ex playing games like this?

So basically, me and my girl broke up right after Christmas. She blew up at me out of nowhere and said some really mean things and accusations which I know aren’t true. That I haven’t been honest with her and I’ve been fake. I felt really disrespected by it. Our last conversation we had was not good, just a big fight and I ended it with I have nothing left to give please stop and just drop it. I couldn’t take her belittling me anymore with things I didn’t do. That was 2 days after Christmas, I saw her at a party for New Years and we looked at eachother. I waited for her to say anything instead she looked like she saw a ghost. So I turned and let her go. I haven’t seen her in a bout a week. But the last two days, I work at a gym, and I put her on my membership while we were together so she could work out for free if she wanted. She didn’t come a bunch, and when we broke up she said she would go to another location and thanks for letting her keep it. And I workout at the same time every night, and she damn well knows when I come. Since this week started she has been in every night when I am here. Some days even wearing what I got her for Christmas, I haven’t so much as made eye contact with her because the last time I went up to her she wanted nothing to do with me. What the heck is she doing how does she even have the audacity to show up at my work, when she knows I’ll be there. What do I do?


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  • Lol I’ve seen that kind of stuff happen but before I state why please know everyone’s different.
    In a case like that my opinion is that she either heard some stuff about you and believed what she heard OR she started talking to someone else and was trying to push you away. After the break up, first everything was good but then she got a little lonely and like everyone else she’s trying to crawl back to ya but silence and ignoring is a killer. If you keep it up eventually she’ll just leave you alone.

    • What you said is pretty spot on to my situation. Like almost exactly what’s going on haha.. my problem is that I don’t think I have the willpower to keep seeing her and just leave it be. I miss her I really do, she treated me like dirt but I still wish we could move through it and maybe try again. But I know that’s what she wants me to do, she wants m and to reach out and miss her that’s why she’s playing these games. Her birthday is in 3 weeks and I really wanna be able to say happy birthday and stuff. Do I just maybe look at her and not completely ignore her and maybe nod or grin at her if I see her and wait to see if she contacts me?

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    • Ya I know she is doing that, I think she tried to create something in her head wrong with me so it would be easier to move on. Until reality kicked in now she’s regretting her decision to push me away. But I just feel like she’s acting out of emotion and not logic right now. Maybe in some time things will change. But for now if you think it’s best I don’t text or do anything to her, and if I see her at the gym not look at her or anything I’ll do that. It seems you know your stuff haha. So I’ll continue to not act affected by her at the gym if I see her. I won’t make eye contact or anything ha

    • Haha definitely not here to tell you what to do. Just a little friendly advice 😂 I’ve been through that as well. Trust me if it’s all just emotions she will stop if she keeps it up the. She truly wants something. I do wish you all the best! You deserve a lot better than what you’ve been receiving and I hope you find her💖

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  • If you can keep up like that just ignore her, she will get bored and won't bother you anymore. If you can't, you should try to talk to her in order to get why she is acting like that


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