Did he just use me or is there hope for something?

We went to the same high school (his 3 years older), we recently connected on bumble a few days before Christmas. From our first convo it was great, endless flirting and mutual things in common. However, he moved to a few hours away to get away from our smallish town and start fresh. We hung out a few days later after our first talk. However, by the time we hung out it was super late and I just finished work late late, I got my period earlier than expected, and I was just stressing because of the holidays. So, we got into a disagreement & he called me bitter, the next day I basically apologized due to the circumstances and he accepted and we carried on talking everyday. He also told me he just wanted to fuck around with other people because wants to focus on himself. When he came over after the bitter comment, he apologized and tackled me for hugs/kisses, & when he got home he was concerned that I didn't text home I got home, sent a bunch of cute (lovely dovey) messages. He texted me all throughout NYE's, but when asked who did he kiss (i was being sarcastic) he kept saying no one. We even spent NewYears Day together, and did everything but sex, and when I dropped him off at the station, he texted me when he got onto the train and when we got home and kept saying he has an actual reason to come besides xmas/thanksgiving and directed it to me. Also, kept saying I look forwarding to see you and excited to see you with a bunch of smiley faces. However, I have yet to hear from him since 1/2. But, when we went out in public he always held my hand or held onto me/showed me all the affection in the world and called me his pain in the ass and even asked me to spend weekends at his apartment and show me around his new area and wants to join me on all my trips when I go away.


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  • Too early to say it, I agree on 50/50. Wait a little bit more and see what happens. As much as we don't want to believe, sometimes, shit happens (something may have happened).
    I hope you're not just waiting for him to make the first move tho. Call him out, say you miss him, text him. Don't be silent waiting for him. Whats wrong with you doing that?

    • I mean, I texted him the day after falling asleep on him and he seemed busy so I replied by saying "If you're busy I rather not bother you, tbh." and he said "You're not bothering me nor am I busy, just making some food!" And when I replied "Alright, just making sure." And no reply after that. However, I just don't want to text him and bother him, meanwhile he lives in PA and I'm going into Philly next weekend to visit friends at school and post NYE celebrations and he always told me to shot him a text if i'm in town. But, like I keep telling people and even myself I do not WANT to bother him.

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    • The guy played with you making big promises he didn't keep. That's a sucker attitude. But oh well. Move on and leave it be

    • Even when I texted him yesterday back, he was actually nasty towards me and saying I kept accusing him of stuff that weren’t true, and had yet to reply to me? Like his snap score keeps going up even though he claims to hate social media?

  • I would say it's more leaning towards hope than being used. But I don't think like other guys.

    Not really sure sorry. Could be 50/50.

    • Oh well, thank you anyway.

  • Not sure
    Hey may just want sex


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