Advice on how to handle a dating app?

I am new to the whole dating app scene. However, once I set up my profile, I was surprised by the number of people who were interested in me in such a short time. Really, it was overwhelming, and while I would like to look at the pool of options, I'm not exactly sure where to start. What are some tips and advice for this from people who have using dating apps before?


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  • Learn how to identify:
    Foreign guys wanting free US citizenship by marriage
    Guys looking for hookups (unless that's what you're wanting)

    Once you weed all those out, you'll probably have a much shorter list to choose from

    • Bots and scammers... how do you tell who those are?

    • Bots have programmed responses and can give you nonsensical or repeated answers. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to trip them up if the programmer is good.

      Scammers will invariably try to direct you off-site to a web page or something (typically, asking to connect via FaceBook or other social media is fine). The end goal of a scammer is to make money for their employer, so they try to direct traffic to the sites of whoever is paying them.
      Of course, there are also malicious scammers that will just directly try to talk you out of money or something.

    • One type of scammer that girls need to especially watch for are sex traffickers. If a guy tries to get you to come to him and offers to pay your way, be very cautious. Pimps will send girls enough money to travel to another state or city with the promise of love only to find that once she's there, she has no money and now way home. So he then offers her money to pimp her out for sex one or more times until she can get help. This isn't common, but it happens frequently enough to be cautious and know the signs.

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  • It is overwhelming. Just take a deep breath and go through them one by one until you are done or find one that speaks to you

  • dont use, if you are new

    its lethal cuz u will find catfishers or people just for hookup

    • Obviously, but the way I think about it is that everyone was new at some point when they tried it and I have friends who said they found their bfs on dating apps, so I thought I would try.

    • Basically I replied based on what you said,

      People ofcourse find someone (otherwise there won't be many)

      I thought you are not comfortable, that's why I said only

    • I can help you in figuring out but would need some info

  • Write in your profile 'I can't answer everybody, I will write you if I am interested, thank you'


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