How can I tell if he’s interested, if I should leave, or if I’m rushing?

So first I would say I’ve been seeing this guy for 2 months in a half. I really like him but he’s very hard to read even body language wise. He’s on the quiet side and really smart. However, his actions say otherwise.

So so at the beginning he was aways trying to cuddle up next to me or was randomly touching me but he kinda of stopped abruptly. But he’ll cook for me and still invite me over. I didn’t suggest it or anything. He will also tell me about another girl that he will occasionally hang with which I find weird and disturbing. I did feel it was my place to tell him how I felt about it since we’re just “talking”.

If I ever text him he’s always short with me but when I tell him that I text you later or I’ll leave him be, he’ll be like your good. But he’s still short with nor does he ask about me.

Over the break, he asked if I wanted to come and chill with him. I did and I met his mom. He texted me on New Years at 12 and sent me the kissing emoji but that was it.

He’s hot then he’s cold so my question is should I run while I still can or am I rushing?
So I asked where I stood and he gave the whole spill that he's not ready for a relationship and hopes we can still be friends but I think he found someone else so... oh well.


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  • Man this guys is even making me scratch my head trying to figure out what he's exactly doing. To me it just seems that he's just with you for fun. What I mean by this is that he probably just likes spending time with you and having fun without having the commitment of a girlfriend. Usually guys tend to make things official with a girl that they like and if you've been seeing this guy for 2.5 months I feel like that it is a bit late to make things official. Just make everything clear and ask him how he view you. If he doesn't give you a definite yes or no then find someone else.


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  • You should go ahead and ask him out


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