How do I show her I've changed? How do I get her back?

I dated my ex for 3 years. Stupidly and In a moment of weakness I cheated... please dont come at me with "cheating is wrong" I understand. I never thought I'd be that guy. I've even been cheated on myself. There is no way to justify it. I made a mistake and I've spent over a year weeding out my flaws and fixing them. I've changed a lot on that time and i want her to know she can trust me again. I love her with all my heart. More than life itself. How do I prove I've changed? How do I win her love back? How can i show her she can trust me again? I want to start over so badly id do anything


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  • well... try to befriend her again, talk to her, be caring... I don't know. Honestly, if it was me I wouldn't give you a second chance. I would've lost all my confidence in you. Sorry... it's just what I personally think, maybe she'll change her mind... I don't know. But for me; once a cheater always a cheater.

    • She's said that to... once a cheater always a cheater.. I don't believe that.. I believe you can change if you really know why you need to. You need to understand your faults and decide you need to change. Which I did. I had to change a lot and i spent the last year doing just that. She says she sees it but I know its hard for her. I've never loved anyone this way

  • Trust is something earned. You just broke 3 years worth of trust over one mistake. That is just how it goes. You have to ask yourself if you are willing to wait, open to any of her requests, and attend to her. You have to be a friend before you can be anything else. If she doesn't want anything to do with you. You have to move one.

    • I'd do anything for her. She knows id wait she knows I don't want anyone except her

    • Just be a friend for right now. If she wants to be more. She will let you know.

    • This happened over a year ago. We stopped talking but the last 5 months we've been getting closer together

  • That moment of weakness just cost you the love of your life. How did she find out?

    • The girl told her before I could... I wanted to be the one to tell her.. I figured it would be better to hear from me than anyone else but sadly it didn't work that way

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    • ya kissing is cheating. uhm, so she is doing to her new guy what you did to her. she has to break up with him and you should stay away from her until she breaks up with him.

    • She's the love of my life. I literally have never felt about anyone the way I feel about her

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