What does is mean when a girl says 'you dont have a personality'?

I always act kind of childish around others. I am quite mature in reality. So girls always say that i am cute and all. I have this friend (a girl) who said to me that i dont have a personality. Well what should i do? I mean what does she mean exactly and what does it mean to have a 'personality'.


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  • First of all, that's not really something a friend should say. Everyone has a personality, that's like saying "you have no face" or "you don't have a voice". I would ignore her comment and not let it affect you. The last thing you want is to deviate from who you truly are and become fake. Though next time you're in a social situation, I'm not saying to over-analyze your behavior, just see if you are being too quiet or keeping up the conversation (s) successfully. All in all, continue on being you!


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