GUYS ----> Is a week later ok to respond a text?

If a girl wrote you and you took a couple of hours to respond and she actually saw your messages.. but until a week later replies.. would you feel ok if she did wrote you back or no.

And if you do would you sort of tell her something like "wow it took you a while to answer " in a joke kind of sense.. if that was th3 case why would you do that?
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Let's say that he has also donde it before or says he forgets to text back... is he playing a game as well...
The girl doesn't text that much since guys think if you text them daily she's needy and she isn't. She's trying to give him space.. specially if he acts the same way. So by taking that behavior as a girl is bad..
Because on my perspective she's really trying
GUYS ----> Is a week later ok to respond a text?
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