Did he just call me his girlfriend?

I'm kind of freaking out right now. Dunno how to explain this proper but here goes.

We are roomates and have been hooking up and sleeping together for every night pretty well for a few months, with a bit of a break in the middle. He is adorable and I would want to date at this point but from the beginning I told him we didn't need to slap labels on stuff. Stupid, I know.

I can tell he cares about me but he doesn't talk much about stuff. The sex is amazing, he pays attention to me and my needs both in bed and not in bed. He's already casually thrown the love word out in conversations, ie "You must really love me" and "I love you for doing that for me".

We've been hanging around the house all day. Last night I fell asleep with him holding me so tightly and it was wonderful. No sex, he didn't try in the least I because I was so tired. Today been more snuggly, stoking my arms and stuff anf pulling me into him. And then just now, in a jokey way, he says "I got you girlfriend" or something. My brain shut off a bit.

I would love to be his girlfriend, even though there is a lot of other things to consider as well. Do you think he is hinting he wants this too?
Did he just call me his girlfriend?
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