Guys , would you date me?

I'm career driven and I like working hard , I love physics and mathematics and currently studying on a degree on one of them. i love video games though I'm usually busy so I don't find time to play them. I'm 5'11(ik tall lol). I like to talk about life and physics and solve math problems and that's super fun for me , to work for hours and hours and share that experience with someone. i do compromise but won't if it's at the expense of my career. eveb though I like making my own decisions and im a bit hot headed ( I'm working on it and it has gotten better) , I don't like to be the dominant one. at least not fully , id just expect the guy to at least be good at making decisions for the both of us if he knows me really well and it isn't something that needs my opinion. im somewhat of a loner since I don't like socializing but if I trust someone they'd really be surprised to get to know the real me since usually I put up this wall. I'm mostly a logical thinker and rarely make desicions out of emotion. i rarely show vulnerability since I think it shows weakness but like I said if the guy gets to know me and I trust him I open up easily and can tell him about me. I'm a virgin lol. im just mentioning random things and I wanna see if any would be interested in dating me based on all of this.
Guys , would you date me?
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