Will my ex ever get back with me?

My boyfriend and I lost out virginity’s to each other.
Unfortunatly since we were both very young we argued a lot and disagreed a lot. Mostly jealousy, but we loved each other a lot because we would of done anything for each other.
11 months later we broke up the next day he slept with a girl from his job. I’m assuming he felt entitled after he had sex with her so he made her his girlfriend.
it was so hard I’m suffering trying to move on.
Now we are talking as just friends, but I’m wondering if you guys think he still loves me and if he will come back
this girls is a lot prettier than me in my opinion and her parents have more money than mine I don't know if that even plays a factor since most guys are gold diggers
what do you guys think
Will my ex ever get back with me?
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