Never perfect enough for a guy? A date?

Tonight, my hope is gone.

A friend of mine laughed about her fun in casually hooking up with many men, then how her now wonderful man of 4 years just fell in love with her upon seeing her in a gas station. He even snooped to figure out her name and find her number on facebook because he liked her that much.

He is an amazing boyfriend, loving, sweet etc - and she is a pretty nice girl herself honestly, it just crushed me that no matter what I do, no man will ever love me like that.

Im so irritated being asked to hook up before we barely know each others names, and seeing so many honest relationships given to women who really dont try or care to just sleep with any man.

I just can't do it. Sex hurts and Im too inexperienced to just fool around with some stranger.

Im beautiful, and have a great body, men tell me often but not without their true intentions.

I have good job, money, no children - why am I never perfect enough for 1 man out of billions to just love me maybe, so I can love him too.

Im just not enough for love.

I don't know what men want. I want to keep my head up but that almost made me cry right there in public next to her.
Never perfect enough for a guy? A date?
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