boyfriend on holiday with ex?

My boyfriend is on holiday. He is away for 2 weeks with family. He says he is getting sick of being asked over and over by his ex if he's sure it's over. I ask if she has been calling him every day. He says no, she is there.

I had no idea. He drove her there. They are camping in the same tent.

He says it was to say one last goodbye to the family.

Deep down i know this is a stupid question but I'm right to feel disrespected and a tad upset right?
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate your thoughts. I asked him if it would be ok for me to go away with my ex (not that i would. An ex is an ex for a reason) and he said HELL NO! So I told him to keep that in mind when he starts dating again because if he kept that from me what else was he going to keep from me. He drove home that afternoon but I stood my ground and told him to go back to the one he took away.
boyfriend on holiday with ex?
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