I feel stuck with him. I can't understand why? what do I do?

I've been seeing my neighbor for 2 months and a half, I liked him at first and I was the one to confess my feelings for him, I still find myself thinking about him or missing him when he's not around. I'm super paranoid and jealous which technically makes me think that I'm into him. The problem is that I don't feel ready for a relationship, I tried to give it a shot, I also told him about me still being a virgin so we haven't had sex. The problem is that I'm really insecure about me and my body and I feel like no one could ever make me overcome these insecurities right now. It's not him, it's me. I'm sure it would happen with anyone I'd try to date in this moment of my life. I'm aware of the fact that I could be giving him mixed signals because for example I called him yesterday asking him why he hadn't texted me and that I had had the feeling he had been with another girl. He reassured me telling me he's not that type of person and that he would tell me if anything is wrong with him or us. What do I do? I feel guilty because I like spending time with him, kissing and stuff but I don't want to take it to the next level and since we live next door I want to avoid awkward situations like not saying hi to each other or ignoring each other.
I feel stuck with him. I can't understand why? what do I do?
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